Redgear Pro Series Gamepad for Ultimate gaming on PC and Smartphones

by Abhijeet Kumar

As we know there is some keywords especially for gamers with RBG lit keys that make the whole gaming setup look awesome. But what if you want to play with more perfection & accuracy then you should go for this gamepad. Game like a pro, which allows better control for angles on games.

Redgear Pro series gamepads uses 2.4Ghz technology that supports up to 10 meters of wireless range. Redgear Smartline gamepad comes with X-input and direct-input compatibility that allows you to play all the latest games in plug and play mode, easily move between X-input mode and direct-input mode with a dedicated switch. If you want to play your old classics not to worry just install the driver provided in the box and you can enjoy all your classics. Jazz up your gaming space with our new Pro series controller with backlit illuminated ABXY keys. Illuminated keys help you locate your controller at night in the dark for nocturnal gamers. The new turbo mode lets you configure your weapons to shoot in bursts giving you a tactile advantage in the those shooting games.


VR Technolgy

Redgear Pro series wireless gamepad uses the latest and ultra precise VR on the left and right stick to help you game like a pro, no more dead zones while playing your FPS games and allows better control for angles on sports games.

Vibration Alert

Feel all the bumps, crashes and shots with a realistic intense vibration feedback with dual high intensity motors for the realistic gameplay. Due to its dual high-intensity motors which are fitted in the both left & right stick. This is the best feature for the price you’re getting this gamepad.

Turbo Mode for FPS games

If you are playing shooting games, then there is also a very useful feature i.e. Turbo Mode, this enables you to customize your guns for better shooting.

Battery Backup

Game like a pro for up to 10 hours on a single charge with built in li-ion battery, just charge the gamepad for 30 minutes and enjoy a uninterrupted gameplay for about 2 hours. If you charge the controller completely at night for up to 4 hours then enjoy 10 hours of gameplay.